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Public information

Institute authorities:

Management Board:
President: dr. Tomaž Savšek

Vice-president: dr. Alenka Pandiloska Jurak

Members: dr. Milena Kramar Zupan, Ph.D. Zvone Simončič, M.Sc. Tomaž Blatnik


Director: prof. dr. John Povh

Long name:Rudolfovo – Scientific and technological center Novo mesto

Long name of the institution in English:Rudolfovo - Science and Technology Center Novo mesto

Short name: Rudolph's

Short name of the institution in English:Rudolph's

Headquarters:Podbreznik 15

Mail:8000 New Town

Municipality:New town

Administrative unit: New town

Statistical region:Southeast Slovenia

Legal and organizational form:Public research institute

SKD activity:72.190, Research and development activity in other fields of natural science and technology, other activities defined in the founding act

Registration number: 9104470000

Tax number:SI 19740212

Bank account:IBAN SI56 0110 0600 8363 751 (S) UJP

PIC code: 885188342

E-mail address:

Phone Number: +386 (0)41 539933

Web page:

Graphic image



The overall graphic image of Rudolfovo is created as an dynamic visual image. It has two basic manifestations. It is primarily intended for communication in official texts and documents, but is also used as one of the implementations in marketing applications when necessary.

The primary logo is usedlja even when it is it is necessary to increase the "accessibility" of documents (accessibility), i.e. readability with greater contrast, which is also why all our documents are prepared with this logo.

Presentation of CGP (pdf)

Catalog of integrated graphic images and logos - print & vector file (zip)

Logos for the WEB & Microsoft environment - png & svg / web vector files(zip)

Pano predstavitev Rudolfovo - kako je nastal logotip.
How was the logo  created?
The very name of Rudolfovo is connected to the region that represents Southeastern Slovenia. History says that the city was founded by the Austrian Duke Rudolf IV. Habsburg on April 7, 1365 with the founding charter. He also named the city Rudolfswerth after himself. After that time they are different names appeared alternately. Official name of the city: from 1365 to 1783 Rudolfswerth, 1783 to 1865 Neustädtl, 0d 1865 to 1918 Rudolfswert and Rudolfovo, after 1918 Novo mesto. Throughout the centuries, his image appears in city seals and seals, as well as seals of some other city institutions. His image also entered the coat of arms of Novi Sad and has remained until today. (Source: Dolenjski museum, Novo mesto).

The city rights granted in the charter enabled the rapid and successful development of the city and the entire region. 
With our logo we associate ourselves with elements that represented the historical conditions for the development of the region, that is, the seal and the coat or cloak that it represents association with a curly bracket, a mathematical symbol (sets, sets..), on the other hand, an inverted curly bracket represents the connotation of shield mantle to shield, initial state, condition for growth, development, mathematical definition, multitude.

By the fact that the parenthesis covers the word RUDOLF, which is divided by height, it forms a whole. RUDOLF, as a scientific and technological center, will gathered researchers and knowledge in connection with the economy under its auspices and thus supported development and innovation, which the economy absolutely needs for competitiveness and existence on the global market.

The overall graphic image is created in accordance with the latest guidelines for creating visual identity and design, with a special emphasis on USER EXPERIENCE. It is intended to present the identity of the organization, we use them as a differentiating tool on the market, creating a brand with which we demonstrate our reputation, affiliation and all the values we have committed to. Precisely because of this and because it will organization has changed over time, it is a dynamic and changing image that will adapt to both time and specific needs. We watch over it with special care, because we create a specific unique with a special vision of visual communication.


Employees are empowered to make their own judgments about the appropriateness of use of characters, what it expresses one of the values of JRZ Rudolfovo, which is individual creativity when choosing the versions, which are very many. In principle, all logos and variations are the real logo, theirs is decisive suitability for specific use, which strives for the greatest possible synergistic effect

There is also text (text) logo, in the form of using parentheses "{" before the text logo.

An example of the use of a text logo is in designations such as use {Rudolf's in the text or marking our projects, laboratories and the like. For example, our newest augmented reality lab is called {LabX. Enough that it is / will be clear to everyone that it is ours. 

(the author of CGP is
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