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Znanost dobi pravi smisel, ko zaživi v rešitvah, ki izboljšujejo življenje.


Rudolfovo is organized into four research groups and several specialized laboratories that enable researchers to work.

Individual researchers, as part of research groups, lead several different projects that independently communicate their results and information.

Several projects are collected here, Rudolfovo connects with other organizations and depending on the project holder, many projects independently carry out communication for specific needs and addresses. If you cannot find the project you are looking for here, we invite you to view the news, social networks and search for us online. 

ZTF_Scientific-Technological Forum

1. Scientific and technological forum

The Scientific and Technological Forum Rudolfovo is the central event of the first scientific and research center in Southeastern Slovenia. During the multi-day program, he addresses various publics, all with the aim of understanding the opportunities presented by the space of close cooperation between science and business as a new runway for their ambitions and plans.

ARIS "Strengthening the development of industrial symbiotic networks in Slovenia

ARIS "Strengthening the development of industrial symbiotic networks in Slovenia - transition to a circular economy (application no. ARRS-RPROJ-JRPriava/ 2023/375)"

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