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{LabX - Laboratory for Augmented Reality

We opened the augmented reality laboratory in a way that is most suitable for such a space.

At the open days, on the day of the Scientific and Technological Forum, 4 April 2023, the director Prof. dr. Janez Povh explained that this laboratory does not need much space in the real world, because most of the research takes place in the virtual world. Accordingly, the colleagues created a special "blue" button in the virtual space, which the colleagues then reached by putting on smart glasses and additionally including smart gloves, which enter data from the real world about the location and movements of the hand (including feedback information, reception and the like). We opened the laboratory by pressing a button in the virtual world. And that's that.
Augmented reality allows virtual reality, so you could press a button here, in Podbreznik, and at the same time perform the same action using similar equipment in real time with robots on the other side of the world.

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