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Iskra PIO and Rudolfovo received the GOLDEN AWARD for Innovation from the GZDBK

The Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina organizes an Innovation Day every year, where applicants from the region register their innovations. This year, as many as 30 projects were registered in a very large number and with strong companies and applicants such as Krka, Adria, Adria Dom, REM, Revoz, TPV and others, which are the work of almost 200 employed innovators and teams from companies that applied.

In such fierce (we cannot say that they are competition, because all applicants are partners) participation, for the project "Virtual reality in the processes of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry on areas of development and application of insulator technique", with our team: Dr. Krištof Debeljak, Dr. Nika Brili, Tomaž Jakša, Vinko Longar and Anže Štepec and with the equipment of the laboratory for augmented reality {LabX, for the client Iskra PIO, with whom we were co-applicant to Innovation Awards at GZDBK, received GOLDEN AWARD.

This recognition means a lot to us.

First of all, it is a success that proves that the economy has accepted our cooperation initiative, but at the same time, it is proof that we are here with a purpose and a well-defined mission for the institute. At this moment, when negative macroeconomic trends are emerging, the economy must catch up with the development levels required by the increasingly competitive European economic environment. Our knowledge and equipment provide companies with competitive advantages, and as a result, it also applies to residents, as development means a better environment for life.

The recognition can also be proof of the need for such an institute in the region and recognition of the government and the country's leaders for making the right decision and supporting us last year. It is true that Rudolfova celebrated his first birthday this year at the beginning of April, and it is also true that {LabX was officially opened only a few months ago.

Although this is not the only Rudolfovo project in recent times, it is specific in that the partners in the project welcomed us very nicely, and the team that worked on the project cooperated with the company with great understanding. Iskra PIO is one of the leading Slovenian companies that designs and manufactures equipment for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, is also a major supplier to Krka, and has a wide range of foreign customers in demanding markets.

A large measure of the success of the project is, of course, on the part of our partner, Iskra PIO, and we especially thank Mr Marjan Hosta, head of research and development of Iskra PIO, and director Andraž Rumpret for the initiative. Of course, success would not have been possible without their large team of engineers.

The project truly expresses our guiding principle:

Science makes a real impact when it comes to life in solutions that improve life.

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