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2. Scientific and technological forum

The Scientific and Technological Forum Rudolfovo is the central event of the first scientific and research centre in Southeastern Slovenia. The multi-day program addresses various publics, all with the aim of understanding the opportunities presented by the space of close cooperation between science and business as a new runway for their ambitions and plans.

The economically leading Slovenian region put itself on the map of Slovenian science with the establishment of the Rudolfovo scientific research centre in order to accelerate the breakthrough of companies that continue the noble tradition of industrial giants under the Gorjanci hills.

The annual meeting of business partners, current and future colleagues, and companies that see & seek the development of science as an opportunity for growth and breakthrough into the economically leading markets of the world is an event that broadens knowledge and deepens insight into the real challenges of our future.

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Rudolfovo - Znanstveno-tehnološki Forum 4.4.2023

Rudolfovo - Znanstveno-tehnološki Forum 4.4.2023

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