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Rudolfovo celebrated its 1st birthday!

2. Scientific and technological forum Rudolfovo showed great opportunities for cooperation between science and economy

The youngest Slovenian public research institute, Rudolfova, marked its first year of operation with the 2nd Science and Technology Forum, which focused on digitization in the economy. This event also marked the start of the open door week, as many visitors will be hosted in Rudolfov until the end of the week, where they will learn about its operation and opportunities for cooperation. The central purpose of Rudolfov, which has already established itself as the most important scientific center in Dolenjska,   is, in addition to scientific and research work, cooperation with companies and young people.

As part of the forum, they also officially opened the laboratory for augmented reality, which is the institute's second research laboratory.

Rudolfovo, as many speakers pointed out, is an important meeting point of knowledge, and already in the first year it proved that the need for an institution whose mission will be to more closely connect the drivers of the development of the economically leading region in Slovenia was justified.

As said by the director of Rudolf's dr. Janez Povh, a research infrastructure of international importance can be created as part of Rudolf's. "Such an infrastructure is the only real lever for an institution or a region to gain long-term international importance in the field of research. If Saint-Paul-lès-Durance with a population of 1,000 in southern France can have ITER, the largest prototype fusion reactor so far, if the German town of Julich with a population of 33,000 can have the first exascale supercomputer in Europe for 400 million euros, if it can have Kiruna on Sweden, with 17,000 inhabitants, hosts a central radar system for observing the northern hemisphere, and the Romanian city of Murighiol, with 3,000 inhabitants, hosts the central European center for river and marine systems, then Novo mesto with all its hinterland can host something similar.

According to him, the Rudolph institute employs 27 people a year after its establishment, of which 18 are full-time employees. According to the personnel plan, they plan to double the number of both part-time and full-time employees by the end of the year and thus increase the scope of projects within which they create and transfer technological knowledge.

Technological knowledge cannot be learned well from books and online courses. You have to have the technology with you, test it, play with it, feel it. That's why our strategy is to first acquire the best equipment on the market for all the areas we want to master. After we master this equipment, we start using it to create solutions for companies, and at the same time, we also use it to conduct applied and fundamental research. Technology is therefore the central point of our operation," Povh.

The previous work of the Rudolfovo Institute was highlighted as an example of good practice by the honorary speaker, President of the State Council Marko Lotrič.  He highlighted the importance of efforts for intersectoral cooperation, networking between researchers, entrepreneurs and educational systems, which contributes to competitiveness and added value. "In this way, the economy will get adequate personnel, and young people will get promising jobs, which will prevent the outflow of young talent abroad." ", which contributes to the economic well-being of the region as well as to the much-needed decentralization.

He also addressed the social and societal role of institutions such as the public research institute Rudolfovo, since "the connection of individuals, the exchange of good practices and experiences, as well as the encouragement that an individual can find in such environments, is the key to progress, to advanced as well as satisfied companies".

The Mayor of Novo mesto Gregor Macedoni is also satisfied with the development of the Rudolfovo Institute, who recalled the broad support that the idea of establishing its own research center had. "The efforts of the key municipalities in south-eastern Slovenia to create a common infrastructure and platform for increasing competence in the field of technical skills have been long-lasting and today are manifested in many activities, from workshops and clubs at primary and secondary schools to what we see today in the Rudolfovo institution. When the state also supported us a year ago and approached the establishment of Rudolf's, we were very pleased, as it represents an important lever for the development of our region in terms of technology and innovation, and I am sure that this institute will be an important reason for this in the future. that our region will remain the leading Slovenian export region and the cradle of breakthrough business stories.

Through the discussions, in which representatives of many successful Slovenian companies and institutions participated, it became clear that one of the greatest opportunities of the Rudolfovo Institute lies precisely in cooperation with companies that see cooperation with research institutions as an opportunity to develop new solutions, especially such , which, from the point of view of investment and personnel needs, she could not afford on her own. Rudolfovo is therefore an important bridge between economy and science and a place that will be even more important in the future.

This was also highlighted in his speech by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, dr. Jure Gašparič. "Undoubtedly, a lot was done in the Rudolfovo Institute in the first year. I must say frankly that we expect a lot from this institute as well as from all other Slovenian scientific and research institutions. We expect excellence in scientific work, connectivity and addressing key Slovenian and European development challenges. I have no doubt that Rudolfovo will be able to fulfill all these goals with the kind of dynamism it showed in the first year."


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