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Vabilo na seminar {Rudolfovo: »An Overview of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing« Adele Pišmo

{Rudolfovo – Znanstveno in tehnološko središče Novo mesto vabi, da se udeležite znanstvenega seminarja z naslovom »An Overview of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing«, ki ga bo predstavila Adela Pišmo.

Seminar bo v četrtek, 4. julija 2024, ob 10.15 v dvorani K01 Razvojnega centra Novo mesto in preko TEAMS povezave.


»Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is gaining attention due to its economic advantages, including high material deposition rates, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This technology enables the production of components with high strength and reduced mass. However, it faces challenges such as residual stresses, distortion, porosity, inaccuracy, and surface roughness that impact product quality. Understanding the influence of technological parameters, such as heat input and material deposition rate, is crucial for process optimisation. Additionally, interdisciplinary collaboration and standardisation are important for further development and widespread adoption of WAAM technology in the industry.

This seminar aims to present the current state and challenges of WAAM technology, compare it with traditional welding, and discuss its potential for extensive future applications.«

Vljudno vabljeni! Seminar bo potekal v angleškem jeziku. / You are cordially invited! The seminar will be in English.

Dodatne informacije: Adela Pišmo,, Katja Sinur

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